Tattletales and a Clean Slate

I learned a few things this week.  Among them:

1.  You can get dumped, even if you’re not dating someone

2.  You can get pulled over by a cop because another driver called and tattled on you

3.  People will or will not do things based on whether they think it’s going to end up in my blog.

Yesterday began as normal… running around from doctors office to doctors office, trying to close out the month strong.  As I’m sitting in traffic near Princeton on my way back up north, flashing lights come on up ahead of me.  I was talking on my cell which was on speaker, and put it down on my lap so the upcoming cop wouldn’t see me holding it.  But wouldn’t ya know it…. he was getting out of his car, walking into the street, and then as I approached, he started waving me down.  WTF.

He pulls me over (with his hand), and starts walking up to my window.  At this point I’m semi-freaking out because I know I haven’t gotten my registration renewed, and I already got out of that situation once.  Now I was playing with fire.  I roll down my window and the music from Pandora on my cell is BLASTING since I ended my call abruptly and the music had been playing before I took the call.  Flustered, I of course couldn’t get the music to shut up, so the cop just stood at my window waiting, Mika blaring in his face, (“BIG GIRL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”) as I apologized and started pushing random buttons.  Finally my spastic ass got it to shut up, and the officer informed me he pulled me over because someone CALLED to say that I was “playing with my thing and almost hit him.”

“WHAT?  WHAT THING?  I didn’t hit anyone!!!”

“Your cell…. I know, I’m sorry…. I didn’t see it so I can’t do anything about it, but I’m required to record it.  Can I please see your license and registration?”

Crap.  Crap crap crap.  Crap.

“Whoooo said that????”

“A guy in a truck.”

“I’m…. I’m just trying to get to a doctor…. and…. there’s so much traffic.”  (stall… get him to forget about the registration… whine… look sad….)

“Yeahhh, I know this traffic is horrible today.”

(Is it working?)

Nah, not my lucky day.  As I’m pouting and whimpering like a baby, another cop, who was apparently driving behind me after that idiot tattled on me, calls in on the radio and says, “Her registration is expired.”


So the cop writes me up for expired registration.  Tells me he’s required to tow me, and I’m not allowed to drive my car.  He also tells me exactly where a DMV is located, then tells me he is leaving the area right now, then tells me again, ‘don’t drive the car’, then tells me, ‘Okay, drive safely.'”

I was confused.  So I drove the car.

Registration renewal was a painless process, I so wished I had done it earlier.  Whoops.

So finally, I got back to Hoboken.  So did my car.  I asked Tyler to meet up with me to help with a couple of things with the wedding video I’m editing.  Then I complained about how hot it was so told him he should install my air conditioning.

“No way.  If I install your air conditioning, it’ll show up in your blog.”

Well now I’m hot as balls, still don’t have air conditioning installed, and you showed up in my blog.  So I’m thinking it’s a lose-lose for all parties involved.

After we worked for a little bit, we went out for sushi.  And drank wine, and chatted some more.  We updated each other on our social lives since our last conversation.

It finally happened.  Someone I wrote about found my blog.  And it happened to be the person I was still seeing…  The Architect.  He didn’t like it.  Well I don’t think he minded the blog, actually.  I just don’t think he had any interest in dating the author of the blog after he got caught up on my “shenanigans” as he called it.

“Ty, I got dumped.”

“You can’t get dumped if you weren’t actually even dating someone.”

It’s true, we weren’t even really dating.  But I somehow allowed him to dump me anyway.  I guess I kinda forced it on him, in like a “let’s get with the program and pick up the pace, or not hang out anymore” sort of a way.  So the dumping came the morning after that phone conversation, via Facebook private message.

Here’s the thing… dating is plain and simple.  SOOOOO plain and simple that it’s ridiculous really.  It goes for guys, it goes for girls, probably for animals.. there was even a movie named after this dating secret.  If you ever have to question anything, or wonder, or listen to excuses….  then guess what?  HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.  And guys… same goes for you.  Texts going ignored?  Plans getting cancelled?  MOVE ON.  Don’t waste any more of your time with someone who really doesn’t care that much.  Gosh, if I could be a dating counselor, and listen to people whine all the time, I can’t tell you how often I’d use that line.  I use it on myself all the time.  Yeah, I talk to myself.  In a British accent.  Don’t ask.

So we start from square one.  My date slate has been wiped clean, and there are no prospects in the pipeline.  I’m good with that right now. Time to meet Melvis at the Beer Garden.

Happy Friday!

xoxo Gossip Girl


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  1. Mom
    May 31, 2013 @ 21:22:18

    You are so cute.


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