Memorial Day Weekend came and went all too fast… The weather was pretty cold and dreary the first half of the weekend, but my sis-in-law Britt and I decided to pretend it was warm on Sunday, and spent the afternoon brunching outside and walking around the city.  During our aimless wandering, we came upon a meatball stand in Greenwich Village…  they claimed their meatballs were better than my grandmothers.  Hmmmphhhh….

Britt and I read the sign together and then stopped right in front of the little ordering window and stared at the list.  Meatballs… in cups or on rolls… toppings… flavors…. whatttt?  We both really wanted the meatballs, but had already eaten, so we just stared.  The man in the window says, “Can I help you?”

Britt asks, “Are these YOUR balls?”


I’m laughing because I know what she meant by the question, and I guess he did too, but I’m wondering how many weird questions he deals with throughout the day…

10 seconds later, a middle-aged man, possibly foreign, also staring at the meatball lists, asks the man in the window,

“Do the meatballs have sex?”

Man in the window:  “What??”

“Do they come in male or female meatballs?”

Now Britt and I are cracking up and weirded out at the same time so we take it as our cue to leave this man in the window alone and move on with our day.

“How can meatballs be male or female?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t think they could be…”

We contemplated for a few blocks…. what a concept…. meatballs with sexes.

As the weekend went on, I continued thinking about the meatballs.  And the poor man in the window.  I hope he gets paid well.  Meatball Obsession, we’ll be back….

Meatball Obsession



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  1. mom
    May 28, 2013 @ 17:33:59

    Ok. This is a safe blogging subject.


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