My Friend Emma

I don’t usually dedicate entire posts to one person, but I’m feeling spicy today.  Emma has been my BFF since I met her almost 12 years ago right before we started college together  (gosh, that makes us sound old), and a girl I find to be blog-worthy.

In April of 2000, students who were accepted to Penn State for the coming year, but hadn’t made a decision yet, were invited on a bus trip to University Park, to spend a night with a current college freshman.  Emma and I were both on this trip, which is where our story begins. 

We both got up there, staying with separate freshmen.  I spent the night with my “tour guides” as well as another high school senior named Erin; we toured the frat parties and had the time of our lives.   Erin was super cool, but still undecided between PSU and Fordham.  The next morning we got together with everyone else from the bus trip for breakfast, and all talked about our nights. Emma had a puss on her face, and a huge scrunchie around her long blonde ponytail.  After being silent for most of the conversation, she shared with us that she had spent her night at an   a capella concert followed by a laser tag game around the dorm rooms.  Just looking at her, we could figure out she wasn’t the “laser tag around the dorm rooms” kind of a girl.  Erin was really outgoing and asked Emma to come with us to the “Blue/White” football game that day, where the team scrimmages itself.  Emma was quiet, Erin was gabby.  As the trip was winding down, I had decided hands-down I’d be accepting my offer.  Erin was leaning towards Fordham.  She suggested that if Emma and I both ended up choosing Penn State, we should exchange information and request each other as freshman roommates!  Wow fab idea, Erin.  I was a little scared of this skinny, blond, silent Jersey girl with a scowl on her face, but I agreed…not to be rude. 

The skinny blond Jersey girl got a tongue ring like 2 days before first semester began.  She could only eat mashed potatoes, and I was pretty convinced she was anorexic.  But it didn’t take long to realize that this completely opposite-of-me anorexic girl would be my best friend.  The first day we walked around our dorm, knocking on doors and introducing ourselves.  We found some boys on the floor below and they soon grew to be our closest friends. 

The first semester, Emma and I referred to ourselves as the Coyotes, after we uncovered we both shared the same love [read: obsession] for the movie “Coyote Ugly.”  Emma was Coyote Sunshine (how appropriate) and I was Coyote BabyGirl.    We spent all of our Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday (sometimes Monday) nights in bright pleather pants.  We rotated between hot pink, black, and leopard print.  We hit up every frat house that had their door unlocked, and fell for every “look at my cute dog” act we came across.  Armed with our pepper spray from our Dads we had nothing to fear (except each other:  I accidentally pepper sprayed Emma, “just to try it out”).  We decided we would stay skinny by eating nothing all day until dinner.  Realized quickly, that when you wait for the doors of the dining hall to open at 4:30pm and then stuff your face on everything you can find until 6pm, topped off by an ice cream cone…oops…freshman 20, there you are! 

Emma and I had our ups and downs through college.  Opposites attract, but they also clash on occasion!  Through it all, I knew Emma, my soul-roommate would be a lifelong friend.  After we graduated, Emma missed having a roommate named Courtney, so she married Cortney Jerome.  He’s white, surprisingly.  Even though he won’t give her the black baby she’s always wanted, I couldn’t ask for a better man for my best  friend.

After college we didn’t see each other as much, but we always made time for girlfriend nights, which included trips to our favorite gay bar in NYC, dance parties with Emitch in Manayunk, and countless late nights eating whole cakes with our fingers and chips with cheese sauce dripping down our faces and shirts (post-freshman 20, check). 

As the years pass, the  Jersey girl with the blond ponytail and scrunchie doesn’t change.  Emma has a puss on her face most of the time, but a heart of gold all of the time.  She tells it like it is and has a mouth like a truck driver, and that’s why I love her.  When Emma told me she was pregnant 8 months ago, I knew I was going to have a new best friend shortly.  A mini best friend.  I’m not the type that gets excited about babies, but I cannot wait until next month when I get to hold Emma’s baby girl for the first time and watch her grow. 

We celebrated Emma’s baby shower yesterday, and in true Emma form, when I told her to go start opening her gifts, she says, “I hate this shit.”  Yeah, Emma we know.  Go open your damn gifts.

Although, as she knows, I wouldn’t ever describe her as “nice,”  Emma is the most loyal, generous, genuine friend.  I am so thankful for that girl named Erin who forced two strangers together into such an amazing lifelong friendship.  I love you, Coyote Sunshine!  And am beyond excited to meet Coyote Baby Sunshine.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. simplyskippinalongnyc
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 12:02:19

    This post made me cry! How lucky you are to have such incredible and quirky friends! Life is such a crazy journey; remaining friends through thick and thin is what makes life worth living!

    Thanks for putting the pep back in my step today; this post made me think about how lucky I am for the people in my life, too!



  2. Emma
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 18:02:54

    As if I dont cry enough these days!! I love you so much and I can’t wait for my Coyote Baby Sunshine to meet her Auntie Courtney (as opposed to Daddy Cortney). I hope my baby girl is lucky enough to build a friendship half what ours is! xoxo


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